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Podcast: Effective money management with the Compound Code


On the podcast this week we chat with Scott Kyle and Patrick Fischer, two US-based professional money managers and co-authors of the book The Compound Code: An Expert Guide To Trading Stocks & Options.

This book is a straightforward and accessible guide that examines the art and science of smart investing, while showing readers how to profit from the power of compounding using stocks, dividends and options in one’s investment portfolio. In the book, Scott and Patrick reveal insider secrets, effective tools and strategies that readers need to manage investments in good times and bad.

We had a very enjoyable and wide ranging discussion with the authors on a panoply of topics relating to effective portfolio and risk management. This podcast is packed with advice on the strategy and tactics of making money from stocks without having to be sitting in front of a trading screen all day. It doesn’t have to be that way. Both authors have very long track records in effective money management and that really shines through in this podcast.

There is something here for beginners all the way through to seasoned investors and pro money managers.

In straightforward and accessible language, The Compound Code reveals the power behind dividend-paying companies and sophisticated options trading techniques in a way that can lead to superior income and long-term profits.

While most investment books are either largely academic or entertainment oriented—technical analyses or biographies of the world’s great investors, The Compound Code offers a practical, easy-to-understand, and immediately applicable guide to investing that was previously the purview of Wall Street hedge-fund hotshots.

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