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Is it time to buy back into Babcock shares yet?


Let's talk about Babcock International Group [LON:BAB]: the defence and aviation company's shares have been in the doldrums for quite some time now. Babcock builds warships for the Royal Navy and also delivers a wide range of support activities to the UK military. It has also been involved in helping the Ukrainian government with military logistics - e.g. training the Ukrainians to use new autonomous underwater mine hunting drones.

But investors don't seem to have been in love with Babcock - shares have continually underperformed. The stock is well off where it was before the pandemic, when it was trading at around £9. It is currently in the doldrums, at around the £3 mark. Should its fortunes be restored, investors could be looking at a x3 return on their money. But how likely is that? We ran Babock through the machine learning metrics at the Deshe Analytics labs to determine whether 2023 could be Babcock's year.


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