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Authors’ Note:

All the entries here are made post-trade. I’ll not be posting real-time as this distracts me from what I’m doing with the markets, my job and everything else I’ve got going on. I’ll post winners and losers, but I’ll not post every single trade as sometimes they’re not worth it, but overall I’ll aim to have a good balance of trades posted. Nothing here should be taken as a recommendation to trade.


08 May GBP/USD Long

Technology is on my side this morning. I was having my car cleaned at the local hand carwash this morning and took a look at the markets. GBP/USD was looking strong after it’s earlier sell-off, so I took a small long position whilst sipping a coffee. So far we’re in the black, stop moved to protect us so we’re in a no-loss situation at this point, but we’ll see if there’s sufficient power to move us back to to pre-news levels. I’m up +15 but it’s not moved enough to really take significant profits here.

EDIT 11:30am – I’m out for +2 in the end, not a great result – but any trade that isn’t a loser is a winner.


09 May EUR/USD long

I’m trading on mobile again today, as im in London for some meetings: a quick glance at the charts earlier showed me a possible setup for a quick long on EUR/USD, with nice low risk entry and a measured move to the high of the day. So, entry at 11855 and out at 11870 for +15, almost exactly to the target price.


10 May Dax30 Long

Took a small loss of -5 this morning on what I thought was going to be a pullback on the Dax. Quite honestly, I bought into it a little late on the long side which amplified the loss, albeit only a small one. Moves like this can be quite volatile and I was briefly up +5, but eventually cut it for -5 as it began to look weak and it turned out to be the right choice.



Please note this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors are encouraged to do their own research beforehand or consult a professional advisor.

Matt Vann

Matt has been trading for over a decade, trading with various forms of Futures, Spread Betting and occassionally, CFDs. He'll trade limited markets including Indices, Currencies and selected Commodities such as Silver and Natural Gas.


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