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Scott Phillips: A shortcut that lets you build trading systems in a fraction of the time


If you didn’t watch the first two videos in our System Building Training, you really should.

Video 1 is about deciding which sort of trading system suits you.

Video 2 is about testing your idea to make certain it is an edge.

This is essential stuff… the meat and potatoes of trading. Serious work for serious people.


Scott Phillips


But I know what you are thinking.

That all sounds like a lot of work. Fine for YOU, but I’m lazy as a mule.

What can you offer the lazier, less talented trader?


They say that hard work never killed anyone but why take the chance? – Ronald Reagan


Fear not, my friends. I’ve got the lazy traders covered too.

The System Building Masterclass v2.0 has a metric fuckton (technical term) of fantastic systems ready for use as-is, or modification.

Scalping systems. Intraday FX systems, pattern systems, mean reversion systems, trend following systems, volatility breakout systems… if you can imagine a type of system you want to build, I have a high quality example that is real world traded by professionals right now.

Version 2.0 right now has 11 new systems being added. (Did I stutter? Eleven)

Truth is, the systems of professionals don’t differ all THAT much. One mean reversion system looks pretty much like most of them. Once you’ve seen one, you probably want to tweak it a little, but not too much. You might decide to trade a bigger universe or have a different number of maximum positions… but your entry and exit techniques are probably going to be very close to everyone else’s.

Let me show you what I mean.

I took our old System Building Masterclass momentum system. A solid performer, but truthfully, a bit low on performance.

Check out my Price Action Masterclass here

I stole (yes I mean I really did steal) the best ideas from other momentum systems, paid someone to model it, and this is the result.

26.6% compound growth rate over 15 years. 22% maximum drawdown.

And it’s still a simple and robust ruleset you can execute in 20 minutes a week.


Trading System Masterclass


The System Building Masterclass v2.0 lets you slice the usual 6 months of backbreaking labour down to a few weeks.

Game changer.

I’ll be holding a FREE Webinar for the launch where I’ll be teaching you the rules of my Thor Trend following system and trading it live in front of you.

You will learn how to execute a high expectancy system in just 20 minutes or so per day.

And more than that, I’m going to show you how much EASIER this is than whatever you are doing now.

And even better than that, if you stick around to the end of the webinar I’ll give you a better deal on the Masterclass than you will ever get again. A shockingly good deal, in fact.

If you haven’t been to one of my webinars before, anyone in the facebook group will tell you they are all information, no fluff.

Basically I spend an hour jamming as much information as I can down your greedy brain-maws. No filler, no time wasting. I talk fast and cover a lot of ground.

You can sign up here, the webinar is 7pm EST Wednesday October 3rd.

See you there

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